Monday, December 23, 2013

Kissmas Wontons

Christmas is so close I can almost taste it!  Make sure you give your family members a hug and kiss, even a chocolate Kiss!  Here's another special and delicious holiday creation from The Sweetest Temptations.  Introducing Kissmas Wontons!  These treats are so festive, so easy, and so scrumptious!  Now let's get started!


Pillsbury Pie Crusts
Hershey Kisses


Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Unwrap Hershey Kisses
Unroll pie crust on a cookie sheet
Use a wine glass to cut out perfect circle shapes, as many as you can fit, and place Hershey Kiss in the center of the circle
Peel off the excess dough
Roll the excess dough out with a rolling pin in order to make more dough circles until you've ran out
Shake some sprinkles over the cookies to make them extra Christmas-y
Then, pinch the two opposite sides of the circle to meet at the top of the Hershey Kiss
Then do the same thing with the other two ends to create a wonton shape and make sure each corner is tightly pinched
Once all of the wontons are wrapped, sprinkle some powdered sugar on top
Bake wontons in oven for about 15-20 minutes
Let cool and enjoy!

Kissmas Wontons are a great new alternative to the way overdone Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss cookies that we all have eaten, many, many times.  Although they are good, this is something fun and new, and absolutely delectable!  They're so easy to make and are such a treat!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Peppermint Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookies

Merry, Merry, Merry, brite and delicious!  One of my favorite things about Christmas is baking cookies and sweet treats with my family.  Today we made some Peppermint Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Want to learn how to make them? Let's go!

Here's what you need:

Crushed Candy Canes

Mini Chocolate Chips

Mini Marshmallows

Sugar Cookies (I made them from scratch and followed this recipe)

Here's what you need to do:

Follow a sugar cookie recipe or buy some already made sugar cookie mixes from the store
Place cookies on cookie tray
Crush the candy canes into small pieces
Mix candy canes, mini chocolate chips, and marshmallows in a bowl and stir like this:

Bake cookies for about 10 minutes, take them out of the oven, then put the marshmallow peppermint chocolate mix on top of the cookies like this:

Bake cookies again for about 3-5 minutes so the toppings will melt.  
Let cool and gobble them up!

Now you have cookies for you, your family, and of course for Santa to enjoy!  Remember to pair them with a glass of milk, dunk, and savor every bite!
Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Candy Cane Marshmallow Bites

Ho ho ho! Christmas is almost here!  Hope you are all staying warm!  Today, we're making Candy Cane Marshmallow Bites.  They're adorable and delicious, easy to make and easy to eat!  They're perfect for the holiday season and kids will love them!  So let's get started, shall we?!


Mini Candy Canes

Vanilla frosting with a few drops of food coloring 


Red and Green Sprinkles


Unwrap candy canes and take marshmallows out of bag
Put three drops of food coloring in vanilla frosting and stir. (I chose green but red or blue could also work for the holiday season!)
Place the mini candy cane in the middle of the marshmallow
Spread the frosting on the whole lower half of the marshmallow and make sure to also get the bottom
Choose your sprinkle of choice, and shake it out onto the frosting
Eat and enjoy!

This is an activity that kids will enjoy and it's super easy!  They'll love eating these small bites and it will get them into the holiday spirit real fast!  Who doesn't love vanilla frosting, fluffy marshmallows, sprinkles, and candy canes!  And all four of these ingredients combined will keep you dreaming of sugary desserts all night long.

These are delicious eaten on its own, but if you'd like to step it up and use white chocolate instead of frosting and complete the rest of the steps above, you can create a White Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallow to enjoy with your hot cocoa!  You can hook the top of the candy cane on the side of the mug, sip, and enjoy!

And as Nsync says...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Waffle Cone Christmas Tree

Waffle cones are one of a kind.  They're pretty delicious right side up with a scoop of ice cream at the top.  But have you ever thought of turning it upside down and creating a Waffle Cone Christmas Tree?  You're welcome for giving you one of the best ideas ever!  I'll tell you how to turn an ordinary cone into an extraordinary Christmas tree.  Ready?  Ok!


Red and Green M&Ms

Vanilla frosting (with a few drops of green food coloring)

Waffle cones

Christmas Sprinkles


Put 3 drops of green food coloring in the frosting to make a mint greenish color and stir.
Spoon the frosting all over the cone until the cone is completely covered.
Decorate with red and green M&Ms and sprinkles.
Take super cute photos.
Eat and enjoy!

Here's the final product below, look how merry and bright it is!  It takes about 5 minutes total to complete this fun candy craft.  It's beyond easy, cheap, and perfect for kids, with minimal effort and ingredients.  

Now go get your ingredients, blast some Christmas music and make some adorable Waffle Cone Christmas trees!  

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY Candy Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are here!  Christmas trees and decorations are continuing to pop up all over the neighborhood and are making the world oh so merry and bright.  It's always fun to decorate the tree with some of your favorite ornaments that have been collected throughout the years, but if you're wanting a fun craft to do with your girlfriends or kids, you've come to the right spot!  

Today, we're making Christmas Candy Ornaments!  They're yummy, festive, and delicious!  You can use any small candy you'd like but I'll show you how to make Nerds, Sprinkles, and Marshmallow Snowmen ornaments to be exact!

What you'll need:



Mini Marshmallows

Clear glass ornaments (Available at Walmart)

Construction paper
Pipe cleaners

Then, just fill the ornaments with candy!  It may be easier to use a small funnel to put the Nerds and Sprinkles into the ornament, because it gets pretty messy!  Then, use a pipe cleaner for a hook in order to hang it on the tree.  Look how pretty they are!  

Nerds ornament

Sprinkles ornament

As for the mini marshmallows, I cut them in half so they were easier to fit inside the ornament.  They do get pretty sticky if you don't cut them as well, so keep that in mind!  Once you're done stuffing the marshmallows, use the black construction paper to cut out two small circles for eyes, and about six even smaller black circles for the mouth.  Then, use the orange construction paper to cut out a small triangle for the nose.  Don't forget the pipe cleaner to hang it! Then use tape to stick the face onto the ornament and you'll have the cutest snowman ornament ever!

The Sweetest Temptations loves candy and Christmas so much so doing this fun candy craft will truly get you into the sweet holiday spirit.  Deck the halls with candy Christmas ornaments!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Candy Christmas Tree Pinecones

'Tis the season to deck the halls, trim the trees, and make cute candy Christmas crafts!  I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season as much as I am.  To get you in the mood, I have a fun candy Christmas craft for you.  Introducing, Candy Christmas Tree Pinecones! I promise, this will be one of the easiest Christmas crafts around, and they look super adorable!  Kids will also love it!

Here's what you need:

Mike and Ike's (or jelly beans)

Pine cones (I ended up buying mine from the store, but if you can find your own from nature, that's perfect!)

Yellow construction paper


Take Mike and Ike's out of the box and put them on a plate for easy access

Pick your pinecone of choice 

Start placing the Mike and Ike's into the small crevasses of the pine cones to look like ornaments until filled
Use the yellow construction paper to cut out a star shape
Put the star at the top of the tree

And voila, you have this:

Feel free to use glue to make sure the candy is secure, if not, the candy will fall out easily.  But then again, if you want an ongoing project for kids, forget the glue so they can keep repeating the process and enjoying the fun all month long!  

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Acorn Candy

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  I'm thankful for all of the amazing people in my life, my health, and fun candy crafts!  That's why I'm happy I found this recipe while perusing Pinterest from eASYbAKED and just had to blog about it.

You have one week to get your act together and make these Acorn Candies for all of your guests on Thanksgiving.  So let's get started!


1 bag of Hershey Kisses
1 bag of mini Nutter Butter cookies
1/4 c. of milk chocolate chips
1 bag of peanut butter baking chips


Unwrap Hershey Kisses
Melt milk chocolate chips in the microwave until they are completely melted, about 1 minute.
Dip bottom of Hershey Kiss in the chocolate and place a Nutter Butter on top of that
Make sure the chocolate hardens before moving onto the next step, dipping peanut butter chip in milk chocolate and placing on top of the Nutter Butter
Harden some more, then repeat, repeat, repeat until you have enough for everyone!

I'm so looking forward to making these next week.  They look delicious, are so festively fun, and easy!  Thanks for the idea and fabulous photos eASYbAKED!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sour Patch Chillerz

If you are a Sweetest Temptations regular, you know that I love everything sour and Sour Patch Kids are my favorite!  Everything about them are just divine.  The sugar coated outside, the sourness, the chewiness, and then, the sweetness.  I could eat them for days!

I was visiting a fellow candy connoisseur's blog, the Candy Critic,  and stumbled upon his post about Sour Patch Chillerz, and I couldn't believe my eyes!  I totally new Sour Patch Kids product that I've never even seen or heard of.  From what he says, they sound delicious and seem to be worth a try.  Can't wait to try them and be chilled, sweetened, and sour-ed! Yum!  Have you tried them?!?  

Thanks for the suggestion Candy Critic!  Check out his blog for hundreds of tasty reviews!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Whirl-Ease-Honey Hot Beverage Sweetener

Every time I drink tea, I always add some honey.  Sometimes, the honey bear gets sticky and messy, but I don't care. It makes my tea a tad sweeter and I love it.  Recently, an alternative was brought to my attention.  It was the Whirl-Ease-Honey hot beverage sweeteners from Strawberry Hill Candy and that changed my whole tea party experience!

First of all, they're adorable.  They're honey pots on a stick.  Anyone that has a honey pot on a stick will automatically be in a good mood.  The fact that you can use it in a hot beverage, swivel it around, and make your beverage sweeter with just one easy motion, is just amazing!  I always think of Winnie the Pooh when I see honey pots (which is not very often).  This swivel stick is shaped like a pot and even says honey on it.  Totally cute.

When I first brewed up my tea, it the water couldn't heat up fast enough, I was excited to use my swivel stick.  Once it was ready, I threw in a tea bag, then used the swivel stick.  As soon as I put it in, the honey pot made a cracking noise and the pot became cracked on the inside, because the water was so hot.  I stirred and stirred for a few moments until the honey pot completely dissolved off the stick and sweetened my tea!  

It was a good amount of honey to add to my big tea cup.  It was not too sweet and was just the right amount.  I do like my beverages sweet though, so you could maybe use one stick for two cups of tea.  You can also add these adorable honey pots in your chai or cider.  They're made with real wildflower honey and are gluten free!  

If you want to spice up your tea party experience, share some Whirl-Ease-Honey stirrers with your friends, kids, whoever, and they'll be bound to enjoy them as much as I!  Cheers!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cloud Nine Marshmallows

I know you've all felt like you were floating on a cloud at one point because of a blissful event, but have you ever felt like you were eating a cloud?  I never had until I tried the Cloud Nine Marshmallows from Strawberry Hill Candy!  

These clouds were shaped like a perfect cube and were covered with powdered sugar.  They're fluffy, chewy, soft, and melt in your mouth.  They were more than just a marshmallow as the hint of lemony flavor gave it a gourmet and homemade taste.  The powdered sugar on top was the ice cream on the cake.  Fluffyness + sugar = delicious.  I love powdered sugar and anytime I consume it, it definitely puts a smile on my face.  That's why I definitely felt like I was on cloud nine while eating this marshmallow!

These are perfect for an afternoon snack, tea time, and for making Cloud Nine S'mores!  If you're a marshmallow fan, you'll love how these melt in your mouth.  Thanks for sharing your delicious treats with me, Strawberry Hill Candy!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Lollipops

I love Boston.  I love candy.  So it’s obvious that I would love Strawberry Hill Candy in Boston!  They were so sweet to send me some samples to review on my blog, including Halloween lollipops!

I received the cutest festive lollipops in a big red package.  The lollipops included orange fall leaves, green brains, orange jack-o-lantern pumpkins, vanilla white ghosts, and grape black bats.  I also hit the jackpot when I received to bonus lollipops, the pink flipflop lollipop, and last but not least a cherry "I love Boston" lollipop.  They were all adorable, wrapped in clear cellophane, and had an extra long stick making them easy to hold.  They were all pretty big in size so you could lick one for a good hour until it’s all dissolved.  They were very flavorful, colorful, and fun.  I shared some with my friends and we started a lollipop crew, and were the coolest kids around!

These lollipops are perfect for handing out to Trick-or-Treaters on October 31st. They also make great decorations around the house for Halloween, and would look super cute stuffed on top of a Halloween cake.  Check them out for yourself at Strawberry Hill Candy's website.  They're spooky delicious! 

Happy Halloween!!