Friday, April 5, 2013

Rocky Road S'mores Bar

It's a rocky, rocky, old Rocky Road...but wait, they're S'mores!!!  You wanna know more?!  The awesome folks at Annabelle Candy made me feel super sweet when they let me walk right up that rocky road into their inner circle and allowed me to try their newest product, Rocky Road S'mores Bars! It's their hot new product that I got my hands on even before these babies hit the store shelves!  And let me tell you, once they do, you have to get your hands on some!

Just like the original Rocky Road bars, these two are covered in a milk chocolate shell.  But, not only is it filled with fluffy, marshmallow gooey goodness, there's also graham crackers and cashews packed into this bar of deliciousness.  Take a bite, and you'll feel like you're surrounded by your loved ones and sitting by the fire pit, making S'mores.  It's so chocolatey, marshmallowy, savory, and amazing!  If you're a S'mores lover like me, you'll love these.

I did do an experiment and froze a bar to see what it'd taste like.  To me, it was a completely different experience.  Biting into this bar gave my taste buds a more pronounced graham cracker and nutty taste.  Instead of a fluffy, smooth, and chewy bar, there was a crunch to it.  It wasn't as obvious to my taste buds that there were cashews in the bar when it was eaten at it's normal state, as the marshmallow and chocolate were the more prominent tastes.  

I'd recommend eating these bars both ways because each way is delicious, but in totally contrasting ways.  You're bound to enjoy them at it's natural state and frozen.  Who doesn't love a frozen chocolate bar? And who doesn't love a chewy and full of fluff S'mores bar?  They're perfect for a dessert at any time of the day.  They are filling though so be prepared!

Thanks to Annabelle Candy for sharing the wealth and letting me in on this new, delicious product that I love!