Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Lollipops

I love Boston.  I love candy.  So it’s obvious that I would love Strawberry Hill Candy in Boston!  They were so sweet to send me some samples to review on my blog, including Halloween lollipops!

I received the cutest festive lollipops in a big red package.  The lollipops included orange fall leaves, green brains, orange jack-o-lantern pumpkins, vanilla white ghosts, and grape black bats.  I also hit the jackpot when I received to bonus lollipops, the pink flipflop lollipop, and last but not least a cherry "I love Boston" lollipop.  They were all adorable, wrapped in clear cellophane, and had an extra long stick making them easy to hold.  They were all pretty big in size so you could lick one for a good hour until it’s all dissolved.  They were very flavorful, colorful, and fun.  I shared some with my friends and we started a lollipop crew, and were the coolest kids around!

These lollipops are perfect for handing out to Trick-or-Treaters on October 31st. They also make great decorations around the house for Halloween, and would look super cute stuffed on top of a Halloween cake.  Check them out for yourself at Strawberry Hill Candy's website.  They're spooky delicious! 

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Great locally produced candy, chocolate and marshmallows!! I love how creative they are with their lollipop shapes - my niece is a huge fan!

  2. I agree! I tried their marshmallows as well! I'll put up my marshmallow review soon too! Thanks for reading!