Friday, November 29, 2013

Candy Christmas Tree Pinecones

'Tis the season to deck the halls, trim the trees, and make cute candy Christmas crafts!  I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season as much as I am.  To get you in the mood, I have a fun candy Christmas craft for you.  Introducing, Candy Christmas Tree Pinecones! I promise, this will be one of the easiest Christmas crafts around, and they look super adorable!  Kids will also love it!

Here's what you need:

Mike and Ike's (or jelly beans)

Pine cones (I ended up buying mine from the store, but if you can find your own from nature, that's perfect!)

Yellow construction paper


Take Mike and Ike's out of the box and put them on a plate for easy access

Pick your pinecone of choice 

Start placing the Mike and Ike's into the small crevasses of the pine cones to look like ornaments until filled
Use the yellow construction paper to cut out a star shape
Put the star at the top of the tree

And voila, you have this:

Feel free to use glue to make sure the candy is secure, if not, the candy will fall out easily.  But then again, if you want an ongoing project for kids, forget the glue so they can keep repeating the process and enjoying the fun all month long!  

Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. I think that is the cutest! I've got to try it! You are so creative!

  2. Thanks Kim! It's so fun, definitely try it! Thanks for visiting :)