Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY Candy Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are here!  Christmas trees and decorations are continuing to pop up all over the neighborhood and are making the world oh so merry and bright.  It's always fun to decorate the tree with some of your favorite ornaments that have been collected throughout the years, but if you're wanting a fun craft to do with your girlfriends or kids, you've come to the right spot!  

Today, we're making Christmas Candy Ornaments!  They're yummy, festive, and delicious!  You can use any small candy you'd like but I'll show you how to make Nerds, Sprinkles, and Marshmallow Snowmen ornaments to be exact!

What you'll need:



Mini Marshmallows

Clear glass ornaments (Available at Walmart)

Construction paper
Pipe cleaners

Then, just fill the ornaments with candy!  It may be easier to use a small funnel to put the Nerds and Sprinkles into the ornament, because it gets pretty messy!  Then, use a pipe cleaner for a hook in order to hang it on the tree.  Look how pretty they are!  

Nerds ornament

Sprinkles ornament

As for the mini marshmallows, I cut them in half so they were easier to fit inside the ornament.  They do get pretty sticky if you don't cut them as well, so keep that in mind!  Once you're done stuffing the marshmallows, use the black construction paper to cut out two small circles for eyes, and about six even smaller black circles for the mouth.  Then, use the orange construction paper to cut out a small triangle for the nose.  Don't forget the pipe cleaner to hang it! Then use tape to stick the face onto the ornament and you'll have the cutest snowman ornament ever!

The Sweetest Temptations loves candy and Christmas so much so doing this fun candy craft will truly get you into the sweet holiday spirit.  Deck the halls with candy Christmas ornaments!


  1. that's cool! they would make great gifts! :D

  2. Thanks Kim! I agree! Cheap, easy, fun, and delicious! Thanks for reading!