Friday, April 24, 2015

Bride to Be Candy Basket

Wedding planning is fun, always very busy, and can get hectic at times.  There's so many things to constantly check off your to-do list, people to call, invitations to send, and favors to pick out.  I love being a Bride to Be and am enjoying my engagement to the fullest.  I cannot wait for the big day

It's always fun to receive parcels in the mail.  Who doesn't love a brown box addressed in your name?  I love getting packages and when one came addressed to "Chelley Candy" from Candy Crate, I was so excited to open it!  I thought it was Easter candy for me to review but to my surprise, it was an adorable Bride to Be Candy Basket!  

It was so thoughtful of Candy Crate to send this and I was so genuinely happy when I opened the box and saw my Bridal surprise that I couldn't stop smiling.  The basket was filled with wedding related candy including the following:

Candy Garter - Let me tell you, I definitely want to wear the Candy Garter at my wedding, we'll just have to see if I can wait that long to eat it myself!  

Heart Shaped Lollipops - Two tiny scrumptious lollipop hearts! 

Ring Pop - Who doesn't love to flash that big bling on your finger!

Sugar Daddy - Everyone needs a $ugar daddy in their life!

Big Hunk Bars - Delicious and totally describes my groom to be!

White Jordan Almonds - Almonds taste bittersweet so when mixed with candy sugarcoating, the tradition is to wish a newlywed's marriage to be more sweet than bitter!

White and Silver wrapped Hard Candies - Lemon flavor in the silver wrapper and a butterscotch taste in the white wrapper that was creamy and smooth! 

Just Married Candy Rolls - The Just Married symbol is subtle but once you notice it it's so cute!  I thought they were mints at first and then tasted the sweet rolls and to my surprise they tasted like Smarties!

When I get married, I know I want to have a candy buffet at my wedding.  I know the guests will love it and know how sweet love is!  I cannot wait!

Thank you to Candy Crate for making this Bride to Be so happy!  I loved this sweet surprise and all of the wedding related scrumptious candies!  So sweet of you!