Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Waffle Cone Christmas Tree

Waffle cones are one of a kind.  They're pretty delicious right side up with a scoop of ice cream at the top.  But have you ever thought of turning it upside down and creating a Waffle Cone Christmas Tree?  You're welcome for giving you one of the best ideas ever!  I'll tell you how to turn an ordinary cone into an extraordinary Christmas tree.  Ready?  Ok!


Red and Green M&Ms

Vanilla frosting (with a few drops of green food coloring)

Waffle cones

Christmas Sprinkles


Put 3 drops of green food coloring in the frosting to make a mint greenish color and stir.
Spoon the frosting all over the cone until the cone is completely covered.
Decorate with red and green M&Ms and sprinkles.
Take super cute photos.
Eat and enjoy!

Here's the final product below, look how merry and bright it is!  It takes about 5 minutes total to complete this fun candy craft.  It's beyond easy, cheap, and perfect for kids, with minimal effort and ingredients.  

Now go get your ingredients, blast some Christmas music and make some adorable Waffle Cone Christmas trees!  

Merry Christmas!


  1. Awww what a cute and extra yummy idea!

  2. totally amazing, yummy and CUTE! i've got to try this! you make the best things :D

  3. Oh my gosh those are so cute!! Do you eat them or just use them for decoration (like a gingerbread house)? They seem like they'd be delish but hard to eat!

  4. Thanks everyone! Appreciate your comments and that you visited my blog! @Darcy, I ate it after I made it and it was delicious! :)