Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cotton Candy Cones

Summer is almost here!  It's been super hot these last few weeks so basically spring has sprung and summer has arrived!  For a fun summer treat, how about making Cotton Candy Cones?  Forget the mess and super stickiness of ice cream and make some Cotton Candy Cones for your next event or birthday party.  Everyone will love this cone alternative!

What you'll need:

Bagged cotton candy (or fresh cotton candy if you live near a boardwalk!)

Ice cream cones


1.  Take cones and cotton candy out of packaging

2.  Take a baseball sized scoop of cotton candy and roll it into a ball shape
3.  Stuff cotton candy inside cone and on top
4.  Share and consume!

Fun and creative recipes don't get any easier than this!  This is a perfect 2 minute candy craft to do with kids.  They'll love the new and fun cone alternative.  It's bound to make everyone smile!  Who doesn't like rainbow cotton candy on a cone?  I know I do!