Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Candy

Happy Valentine's Day!  Valentine's Day is all about love, flowers, and of course, candy.  Handing out those red heart shaped chocolate boxes are an extremely popular and easy way to say "I love you".  

I personally prefer a bag of sour candy, or anything really besides chocolate, which I did indeed receive.  Just so you know, I do like chocolate, but my pallet prefers sour, sweet, and tart tastes.  My amazingly thoughtful boyfriend surprised me with a box full of the best of the decade: 90s edition candy.  It was an awesome surprise and perfect way for me to fulfill my sweet tooth. has unique gifts for Valentine's Day and other occasions, but the coolest part is that they have Retro Candy Gift boxes from each decade from 1940-1990.  My box was filled with candy from my childhood including Sour Patch Kids, Nerds, Pop Rocks, Shock Tarts, Airheads, Ring Pops, Push Pops, Now and Laters, Baby Bottle Pops and many more!  Seeing all of these types of candies brought back lots of fun memories of going to candy stores in New Jersey.  So if you know someone who has a sweet tooth like I do, the Retro candy boxes from are a great way to brighten up someones day and bring back those nostalgic feelings of childhood!  

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