Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let's all move to Candyland!

The game Candyland is one of the best board games ever made.  No other game lets you go on an adventure through the Candy Cane Forest and climb to the top of the Gum Drop Mountains.  This rainbow colored game is always a fun way to brighten up your day no matter what age you are.

Candyland was invented in 1945 and for decades now, children have dreamed of residing in the Peanut Brittle House.  It's a game of fun and adventure and will continue to be enjoyed for the rest of time.  Imagine how cool it would be to move there and live in your own gingerbread house?  Chocolate windows, licorice doors, and smarties stones leading up to the house would be a dream come true.

If we all just moved to Candyland the world would be so much sweeter!  So dust off your Candyland board game today and make today a Sweet Saturday night by playing this enchanting game and bringing back all your childhood memories.  Don't forget to hand out some candy to all the players during the game because your mouth will be watering!

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