Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Constant Courtside Candy for Lamar Odom

Every since he was a kid, Lamar Odom has had a sweet tooth.  His kids think he is a hero for always having candy in the house.  Everyday is Halloween for the Odom family.  Odom has got a lot of sour remarks from others about his candy addiction.

Non sweet toothed individuals think that his candy consumption affects his performance on the court.  In response to those remarks, Odom admitted the games he played well in were the same times he ate candy for breakfast.  He also defends himself saying that he doesn't eat whole bags of candy and no one is capable of that.  He eats candy every day, and even wakes up during the night to fulfill his sweet tooth.

Fans know that he is a candy lover and send him lots of candy to munch on at the games.  Other teammates like Kobe Bryant are happy that he shares the wealth.

His favorite type?  Hershey's white chocolate cookies and cream.  Close seconds are Gummy Bears, Twizzler Bites, Sour Peach Rings, Jellybean Starbursts, and Lifesavers, just to name a few.

Khloe isn't too bothered by his sweet tooth, except when he brings it into the bedroom.  She said that one night, he treated himself to chocolate covered almonds, fell asleep mid bite, cuddled with her, and Khloe woke up with chocolate all over her.  So think about it for a minute.  If an NBA player, who is married to a Kardashian, is still successful, healthy, and doesn't have too many cavities can eat candy daily, you can too!

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