Sunday, February 27, 2011

After Party Dessert Menu at the 2011 Oscar's

Happy Oscar Sunday!  Today is all about the glitz and glam of the stars of Hollywood.  Lots of people will want to know who is wearing who and who will be the lucky winners.  After the last award is given out, this glamorous day will keep on going when all the stars head straight to the Governor's Ball.  This is a party with a menu created by the famous Wolfgang Puck.

With every big party and event, sweet desserts are sure to follow.  What's exactly on the dessert menu?

1. 4,000 Chocolate Oscar's sprinkled with gold
2.  Mini Cupcakes
3.  Raspberry and Lemon Cake
4.  Mini Macaroons
5.  Dark Chocolate Lollipops
6.  Valrhona White Chocolate

....just to name a few!  Pastry chef Sherry Yard concocted this delicious dessert menu, pictured above.  This party sounds amazing and anyone would love to attend this fabulous after party.  Wish I was as lucky as those celebs and able to go!

I hope all of your picks win and you enjoy watching the awards with your own fancy and fun party while eating your favorite sweet treats!

Picture by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images at

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