Monday, February 21, 2011

California Gurlz + Katy Perry= Candyfornia

Katy Perry gets huge props for creating the extraordinarily sugary land of Candyfornia.....Talk about eye candy!  If you haven't seen this candy lover's dream come true video, you have to watch it.  Katy said this is a must see when you've got the munchies because everything's edible.  A forest full of taffy trees, lollipop flowers, cotton candy clouds, and walking gummy bears are just a few of the sweetest temptations the land of Candyfornia depicted.  

She and Sugar Daddy Snoop Dogg are actually playing Candyland on their real life board made out of Graham Cracker squares, gingerbread houses, cupcakes, and ice cream cones.  Their outfits are so scrumptious, especially the Dot Candy dress, and Snoop's cupcake suit.  Who wouldn't want to be him as he leads the parade of Gummy Bears?  This is the sweetest music video on Earth.  The bright colors and abundant amounts of candy make it such a fun and divine way to hit that sweet spot and make your mouth water.  This video will put anyone in a good mood because it is so magically delicious!  

Picture provided by and video by YouTube

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