Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bieber's Got Candy Fever

Celebrities.  They're just like us!  They even eat candy and are addicted to sweets just like us!  Isn't that crazy to think that you can be eating a bag of Swedish Fish at the same time as Justin Bieber?  In a recent article, J Bieb explained that his candy of choice now is Swedish Fish.  He's got quite the sweet tooth and isn't afraid to admit it.  He likes to request them in his dressing room right before he hits the stage and hears the girls scream.  

Bieber's favorite used to be Sour Patch Kids...just like me!  He was so addicted to them that he ate way too many because his fans kept bringing them to him and eventually he overdosed on SPK's. Unfortunately for the SPK company, he's had enough in his lifetime that he will not touch them again, and now, it's all about the Swedish Fish.  Those red, chewy fish are quite enjoyable but in my opinion, do not hold the candle to the beloved Sour Patch Kids.

My siblings and I have had many Sour Patch Kids experiences in our time and there were days when we ate too many and our tongues became "raw".  Our taste buds were raised and the color of our tongue was usually red or green.  That was the point when we knew we had to cut ourselves off and close the bag.  

I'm sure Bieber's tongue became raw as well, and he gave up on SPK's forever.  As for me, when my tongue becomes raw, I give it a sour candy break for a few days and pick back up where I left off, because everything is good for you in moderation!

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  1. All that candy and the Double Big Gulp? I would like a future blog to research Bieb's dental history. With all that sugar, he's bound to have some cavities.


    Charles T. Onchew

  2. i guess i luv Swedish Fish now!!!

  3. Haha Veronica that's why I love them more than ever now! So good!! :)

    And Charles, I'm working on that dental history! :0