Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tea Flavored Candy

Most people need some type of caffeine to help them wake up in the early morn.  If that daily cup of joe isn't your thing, the next choice is usually tea.  Drinking tea is very beneficial to one's health.  It is known that many Chinese and Japanese individuals live very long lives, and one of the reasons why is because they drink a lot of tea.

For those of you who are always running late or need to drink more than one cup to keep you going, there is a flavorful alternative to easily fulfill that need.  Tea flavored candy.

First, I'll introduce you to SEN CHA Green Tea Mints.  Three of these sugar-free, leaf shaped mints are equivalent to one cup of tea.  There are a variety of different flavors including lemongrass, original, and pear green. Popping three of these will satisfy the need for tea without having to burn your tongue!

Next is Bali's Best Classic Iced Tea Candy.  This candy is rich in anti-oxidants and gives off the same taste as sipping a glass of iced tea.  Other Bali's Best Tea flavors include Citrus Green Tea, Green Tea and Tea Latte candy.

If you don't like hard candy or mints, the next option is Xyloburst Green Tea Flavored Gum.  This sugar-free gum whitens teeth and supplies you with that green tea taste that you love.
Lastly, there's Jasmine Tea Candy for those of you who enjoy Jasmine Flavored Tea.  It tastes just like the beloved cup of Jasmine Tea but is perfect for on the go consumption!

Feel free to snooze a little longer in the AM now that these tea flavored candies will do the same trick as that common cup of tea!  Mix things up a little bit and try these flavorful tea candies! :)

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