Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jelly Bean Martini

Hippity Hoppity, Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way... 

Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days, Wednesday, Thursday Happy Thirsty Thursday!  

It's Thirsty Thursday!  Since Easter is just a few days away, I couldn't suggest a more perfect drink for today.  The Jelly Bean Martini.  It is so festive, fun, sweet, tasty, and fantastic to say the least!  Just whip up this drink and give it to all of your favorite bunnies to celebrate Easter's arrival in just 3 short days.  

1 Shot Peach Vodka
1 Shot Malibu Rum
1/2 Shot Blackberry Brandy
1/2 Shot Grenadine
Splash Sour Mix
Jelly Beans

Put ice in martini shaker then add alcohol, grenadine, and sour mix.  Shake and pour into glass and drop as many jelly beans as you want in the bottom of the glass!

And just so the kids don't feel left out, fill a martini glass with jelly beans so they can join in on the festive fun!  

Happy, Happy Easter to all!

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