Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easter Candy's on it's way!

Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka must be happy that Easter's NOT over and is actually just around the corner!  In one of the best movies ever made, the Golden Goose lays huge Chocolate Eggs all year around, but for this particular season, the eggs are more than suitable.  Easter's just a few weeks away so it's time to get prepared to fill those Easter baskets!

Easter is a holiday revolved around Candy, Candy, & Candy.  Chocolate Bunnies, Peeps, and Jelly Beans to be exact.  These three types of candy are the staple of the holiday and today you'll learn some fun facts about each.

Chocolate Bunnies

90 Million of these chocolately mouthwatering delights are made each year.  Can you believe it?  So many!  When consuming them, 76% of people start with nibbling on the ears.  For those who have a foot fetish, which is a small amount compared to the majority, 5% of chocolate lovers dive in foot first and take a bite.  Never would have thought about biting foot first, but to each his own!  And 4% of people eat the tail first.  Interesting.....


All Peeps are hatched out of Bethlehem, PA.  (A great place to visit, especially during Christmastime, it was one of my family's favorite traditions)  Just Born company produces 1 billion peeps a year.  There are all different shapes but for Easter, there are Chicks and Bunny shapes.  Back in the day when Peeps first hatched into the world about 50 years ago, the marshmallow treat took 27 hours total to make.  Nowadays, the whole process takes only 6 short minutes.  Amazing!

Jelly Beans

These chewy and flavorful beans are produced all year long, but 16 Billion are produced for Easter alone!  Jelly Beans are one of the best selling candies on the market because of how delicious full they are.  The Easter Bunny started filling baskets with these treats because they symbolize new life with their bright and vibrant colors in the Spring time.  Spring is all about rebirth and Jelly Beans are one way that the new season has come.  The Jelly Belly Factory is a must see in wonderful Fairfield, CA.  There are tours where people from all over the world can come and see how this popular candy is made.

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