Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Filling an Easter Basket with Unique Easter Candy

Easter is just around the corner with just 5 more days to go!  Peter Cottontail is getting all his candy baskets ready for all the children around the world.  He is well aware that it takes some creativity and thought to present the ones you love with the perfect Easter basket.  I had a few tips for him to create a basket like no other.  I'm going to share with you three types of candy that are unique and fun that I just came across and had never thought of before, and are a DEFINITE must have for filling up an Easter basket!

I know all of you have consumed a deviled egg at least once in your lifetime.  But have you ever tasted a white chocolate deviled egg?  These candies are handmade and chocolatey with sprinkles on top.  Mmm Mmm Good!  Look how cute they are!

Now I know all of you have heard of peeps before, but have you ever dipped them in chocolate?  I have never seen them like this before, but like many say, anything is better when it's dipped in chocolate.  So now upon consumption, tastebuds get that marshmallowy taste plus that decadent taste of chocolate all in one bite! So good!  As you can see below, they can come individually wrapped, with the chocolate on the bottom.   They are easy to make at home as well, just buy some Peeps, and then melt some chocolate, and dip the bottom in it, let it cool, then consume!  It's a fun project to spice up the taste of an original Peep and spice up any Easter basket with a little extra chocolate.

The last exclusive type of candy I found that would be perfect to add to an Easter basket is edible grass.  This is a great way to "go green" and enjoy a fun little snack at the same time.  Instead of buying that plastic grass that everyone uses in an Easter basket, but this stuff and kill two birds with one stone.  It looks even better than the plastic grass, and the fact that it can be eaten makes things so much better!  It comes in a variety of colors, including blue, green, and pink, which is perfect because it is suitable for boys and girls.  

These three candies are not only fun to look at and delicious to taste, but will add such a one of a kind touch to any Easter basket!  Enough with the mundane and predictable candies.  Go out and find these products and surprise your kids with these new and awesome ideas!  By the way, I found these products at a small candy store in Santa Barbara, CA over the weekend, but I'm sure they are available in a store near you :)

Happy Easter!!!

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