Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jelly Bean Easter Bunny Cake

Happy Easter!  
It's just one day away now!  A lot of you are probably scrambling for last minute preparations before the big day.  Check out my last blogs for other ideas on how to make your Easter the best!

One Sweet, Easy, and Fun project to make is this Jelly Bean Easter Bunny cake.  A simple box cake is all you need.  

Then follow these easy steps:

Pour batter into two circle shaped pans

Bake and let cool

Leave one circle intact while cutting the other one into ears and a bow tie.  Just cut two leaf shapes into the circle and then those are the ears, while the middle part is fit to be a bowtie

Frost with frosting of your choice

Decorate with Jelly Beans and your favorite candy.  I used Jelly Beans and M&M's this year.  

Use this picture as a guide and have fun, it's a GREAT project to do with kids!

Happy, Happy Easter!  Get ready for Peter Cottontail to come tonight! :)

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  1. do you take requests? I would like you to take on a ninja turtle inspired pizza. Ive tried making pizza with candy and ice cream and it did not taste good. challenge number 2 make it taste good

    Sour Patch Mike

  2. Dear Sour Patch Mike,

    That is a wonderful idea. I love pizza and I love ninja turtles. Did you try just baking a chocolate chip cookie and adding "Red Hots" and other red candy to look like pepperoni? Ice cream is a good topping, try getting something orange colored to represent cheese. What you need to do is follow my blog because if you do, that request will be nearer to the top of my request lists.

    Sincerely Sweet,

  3. How do I follow ur blog?? Going to ur blog website doesn't count? I'm new to the blog world.

    -mike and Ike

  4. Hi Mike and Ike,

    Going to the blog definitely counts! I'm just glad you like it! But if you want to follow the blog, on the right hand side it says followers and you click on follow and put in your info.

    Stay sweet!!!!!!!