Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cocktail Inspired Candy

Going to a girls night out or Bachelorette party and want a fun treat that everyone will love?  Why not bring some cocktail inspired candies and share with your friends!?!  Sugarfina's got the perfect mix of cocktails and candy!  It's a super cute congratulatory gift or something to give just because girls just want to have fun!

Just needed to start this off by saying as soon as I got this package delivered, I was so impressed by the packaging!  It came with a handwritten note, a menu of what was included, and I loved the sleek blue look and font they used at Sugarfina, very classy!


Time to raise your glasses to Sugarfina, while you read my take on these cocktail inspired candies and then order some for yourself!

First was the Cuba Libre.  These puppies tasted like you are sipping on coke and rum and say so what I'm drunk because it's the freaking weekend and you're about to have you some fun!  They definitely got you in the party mood and had a rum after taste. They had a coke scent, were gummy and chewy, and a bit of a spice from the rum flavor.  Bottoms up!

Next was tied for my favorite, the Champagne Bears.  They came in two colors, one was a golden hue, like original champagne, while the other was pink, resembling a pink champagne.  They smelled like champagne and tasted bubbly.  The gold color was juicy, full of flavor, chewy, and had a champagne aftertaste.  When eating them, I felt like I was just cheers-ing my closest friends after a heartfelt toast.  The pink gummy was sweeter than the gold, was also chewy, and super juicy.  When eating two at once of both colors, it tasted like drinking a gulp of champagne.  The two colors mixed well together, but the gold color definitely overpowered the pink bear.  

Then I tried the Champagne Bubbles.  First of all, they looked adorable.  Little circular sweets covered with nonpareils.  Oh so white and so pure.  I could not wait to try these.  When these bubbles hit my mouth, I automatically tasted the sweetness.  They were crunchy from the nonpareils, while slightly chewy and smooth on the inside.  They were extra juicy and tasted like a hint of champagne and the flavor stayed with me even after I finished.  They were definitely more crunchy than smooth.  They reminded me of Smarties, and who doesn't like Smarties?

As for the Martini Olive Almonds, they were cute little olive lookalikes made out of white chocolate.  I loved the green outside and the red dot to resemble the red pimiento in a real green olive.  Super cute!  These had a bit of a frosting type flavor.  They were white chocolate covered almonds with a smooth outside and a crunchy middle.  I almost dropped mine right into a martini, just for the fun of it!

The Belgian Ale Pints were definitely for the beer lovers out there.  A strong beer scent immediately hit my senses as soon as I opened the package.  They looked like a cute little beer gummy with the dark brown and white foam at the top, and tasted like it as well!  It definitely had the cola, beer, and alcohol flavor.  They were chewy gummies that were super potent, and each chew tasted like you were sipping on a beer, while relaxing on the beach.  There was a strong beer aftertaste, and any ale lover would love these!

The Cognac Vsop Cordials and the Single Malt Scotch Cordials were both very similar.  They were both round and brown and looked exactly the same.  Upon first bite, tasted like a whopper.  Once you kept chewing, you go to the juicy inside which tasted like you were taking a shot!  Both of the insides had a clear and somewhat sticky liquid.  They were both strong, crunchy like a Nestle Crunch bar and chocolatey and when you add the alcoholic flavor, you get a mix of both worlds!  Potent alcohol plus chocolate is the way to go when enjoying a night with your girlfriends!  


The Absinthe Cordials were bright green and round.  The first bite tasted minty.  As my teeth kept chewing, I then came to a realization that they resembled an M&M with the thin layer of a crunchy outer shell, mixed with a chocolatey inside.  But the Absinthe Cordial had one more hidden layer past the chocolate that included the clear, juicy, absinthe flavor.  It was definitely strong, but not as strong as the Cognac Vsop and Single Malt Scotch Cordials.  It was like eating an M&M and taking a shot at the same time!


These were all great to try but since I love champagne the most, my favorites were the Champagne bears and bubbles!  So sweet, cute, and delicious!  I'd definitely recommend sharing these with your friends for a fun night out or in.  BYOB and have these on the side!  Thanks to Sugarfina for sharing these amazing cocktail inspired candies with me!  

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