Thursday, June 2, 2011

S'mores Martini

Is it really Thirsty Thursday already?!  Start your weekend off right by gathering all your friends and enjoying a bonfire on the beach.  This time let's do things a little bit differently though.  Instead of eating a S'more, try sipping a S'mores Martini!

It's fun, and delicious, and ever so chocolatey!  It truly does taste like eating a warm and gooey S'more.  Definitely a fan favorite!  Do you remember all the times you ate S'mores as a kid when dusk hit those warm summer nights?

Here's what you need to whip up this chocolate marshmallowy delight:

2 oz. Chocolate flavored Vodka
2 oz. White Chocolate liqueur
Chocolate Syrup
Marshmallow Creme

Drizzle chocolate syrup in a martini glass.  Shake vodka and liqueur over ice and pour into glass.  Dip the rim of the glass with marshmallow creme then coat with crushed graham crackers.  Place marshmallow on skewer in cocktail.

Trust me, everyone you know will love this martini and you absolutely must all cheers to Thirsty Thursday with this glass of delight!  One, two, three, CHEERS!
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