Monday, June 6, 2011

Candy Poems

Do you like poetry?  I know all of you have written a poem once in your life.  Just think back to third grade when your teacher made you write a Haiku or Sonnet.  But have you ever written a poem about Candy?
About 2 months ago, I put my sweet thinking cap on, grabbed a pen and paper, and tried this myself for the first time.  I got this genius idea when I found out that The Sweet Factory, a huge company that provides smiles everyday to their loyal sweet toothed customers, had a contest going on to see who could write the best Candy poem.  

I of course, really wanted to win, and my scrumptious poem sure did make me a winner!  The only requirements were to use candy names in the poem.  Here's my winning masterpiece that won me $50 to The Sweet Factory. I ran straight to this place as soon as my prize arrived! Yum!

Every time I see my love my face gets Red Hot, my hands become Butterfingers and my Conversation Heart beats a whole lot. 

I can't help but give out Kisses and Hugs as we gaze at the Milky Way and Starbursts when we're all snug. 

To me my love's sweeter than a Sweettart, but some say he's a Sour Patch Kid at heart.

We love to travel to the Watchamacallit place
you have to had heard, don't Laffy Taffy at us but we are really big Nerds

Some may Snicker some may think we're Nutrageous, but just know our love is worth more than 100 grand and is very contagious!

If you have yet to put your poetry skills to use by writing about your all time favorite candy, you need to try it, it's so fun!  Just think of a storyline, throw in a few rhymes, and include all your favorite candies!  Feel free to share your poems!  Thanks to The Sweet Factory for making me a winner! 


  1. I gain so many pounds.
    By eating those Mounds.

    And boy oh boy oh boy...
    I gain more with an Almond Joy.

    I should share and not eat them solo...
    It's so hard to resist when opening those Rolos.

    So I don't share, I'm not a brat...
    Just hand over another Kit Kat.

    So I'll try to cut back or else I'll pay...
    But before I do, gimme another Milky Way.

  2. Such a great poem Daniel! Thanks so much for putting on your sweet thinking cap. Didn't it just brighten up your day?