Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yogurt Inspired Bouquet

Do you hear wedding bells ringing?  Ever considered a candy & yogurt inspired bouquet to hold as you walk down the aisle?  Take a look at the photo above and you may reevaluate your previous decisions.

This idea is super sweet, super cute, and super unique!  How can you go wrong with a Waffle cone stem, pink marshmallows, starbursts, colorful gumdrops, and sprinkles!  This bouquet is definitely one that will get millions of sweet compliments and is undeniably unforgettable!  

All of the sweet toothed wedding guests will be salivating when they first set their eyes on this sweet bouquet.  If you are a sweet tooth, and are getting married soon, definitely consider this cute idea.  And if your best friend is getting married and has a sweet tooth, tell her to forget the flowers and go edible instead!  I may strongly consider this myself someday! :)

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