Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Candy Buffets

Everyone has to agree that the best part of any party is the goodie bag.  Remember when you were a kid and how happy you were when you received a handwritten invitation by your friend's parents, inviting you over for a few hours full of fun?  You were excited to be included, spend time with your friends, and participate in a fun activity.  

Most importantly, we all know that the part you looked forward to most was finding out what's in the goodie bag.  Am I right?  As soon as you saw the goodie bags lined up, you were dying to find out what was inside! Well, I don't know about you, but I still get excited when there are goodie bags at parties, especially those that you can make your own, courtesy of the Candy Buffet :)

Candy Buffets are really where it's at.  Weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, baptisms, baby showers, and wedding showers are really SO much sweeter when there is a candy buffet present.  

To ensure that your next party is sweeter than any other, here's some steps you need to take to pull that off with that scrumptious and unforgettable Candy Buffet.

*Know your theme*
*Pick your colors-keep it simple, 2 or 3 colors is best, unless you want to do a Rainbow theme!*
*Buy fun and fancy jars and stands to put the sweets into/on*
*Pick out your favorite candy with the colors you chose*
*Other things sweet such as Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Cookies are always a favorite*
*Hand out clear bags with ribbons and tags to enhance the fun*

This particular Candy Buffet was for a birthday party, as you can see the color theme was pink and yellow, and all the sweet treats coordinated so nicely.  Decorate any way you'd like to make a lasting impression on your guests, just like this party made on me!  Happy Birthday to Mirmy! :)


  1. Love the pics! Great write up! I like the colors haha

  2. Thanks so, so much Mirmy! Thanks for for signing up to follow the blog too! The more followers the better :)