Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Starburst Candy Wrapper Prom Dress

It's Prom season!  Do all the high school senior girls you know already have their dresses?  Are any of them made out of candy wrappers?  Well, one high school senior's is.  Tara Frey, a senior from Wisconsin, wore a dress made entirely out of Starburst's candy wrappers!  Check it out!

Talk about a sweet dress!  Could you think of a better dress for a "Candyland" themed prom?  How perfect is that!?  

Tara's mom made this by hand, buying 20 bags of Starbursts at a time, and was handing them out to everyone in town.  The only requirement was to make sure the wrapper was returned in mint condition.  To make the dress, each wrapper had to be folded, braided, glued, and sewn onto fabric.  Such meticulous work!

Along with the dress, shoes, bracelets, headbands, earrings, a vest for her date and a clutch purse for Tara were made.  She and her date were definitely the sweetest couple in America.  And they are "going green" by reusing all these wrappers that would be trash to anyone else!  There's nothing sweeter than going green!
This is just another sweet idea that makes candy even more fun than imagined!  Would you ever wear a dress made of Starbursts wrappers?
Photos courtesy of http://www.inforum.com/event/image/id/293879/headline/Tara%20Frey%20poses%20in%20her%20Starburst%20candy%20wrappers%20dress/, http://www.newrichmond-news.com/event/image/id/16036/headline/Sweet%20dress/

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