Friday, May 13, 2011

Candy Songs

It's almost Summertime!  Only one more month until the sweetest part of the year begins.  Summer is filled with watermelons, laughs, sun, and fun times!  While lounging on the beach with the hot summer sun pounding down on you, there is one crucial step that needs to be taken.....importing fun candy jams to your Ipod! 

You shouldn't take a chance on bringing your candy to the beach because it could melt, so the second best option is listening to candy jams!

12 Songs you need to upload to your Summer Candy Jams 2011 list:

"Sugar, Sugar"- The Archies
"I Want Candy"- Bow Wow Wow
"The Sweetest Thing" - U2
"Candy Shop"- 50 Cent
"Pour Some Sugar on Me" -Def Leppard
"Candy" - Mandy Moore
"Honey"- Mariah Carey
"The Candy Man"- Sammy Davis Jr.
"Sweet Escape"- Gwen Stefani
"Pure Imagination" - Willy Wonka
"Candyman"- Christina Aguilera  
"Candy"- Snoop Dog

Get ready for a Sweet Summer!

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