Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Batty Halloween Oreos

I don't know about you but I've been having so much fun doing all of these Halloween candy crafts all month long!  My latest creation that I'm dying to share with you is the one and only Batty Halloween Oreos!  Bats are big into Halloween and you should be too.  Honor those bats by making some edible batty Oreos!



Candy Corn



Food coloring pen

Cake pop sticks (optional)


1.  Carefully twist the Oreos in half to separate both sides of the cookie (cream side wins!)

2.  Once Oreos are separated, use a knife to cut two edges of the Oreos to create the bat wings.  If they don't come out perfect, don't worry, you can bite off a piece to maintain the half moon shape.  

3.  Place the two wings on the cream side of the Oreo

4.  Squeeze about a quarter size of frosting into the middle of the cookie, between the wings 

5.  Place other half of Oreo on top of the frosting and wings

6.  Take two mini marshmallows, draw a dot for the eyeball with the food coloring pen, and then put a dab of frosting on the bottom of the marshmallow so they will stick to the top of the cookie

7. Once eyes are secured, dab a bit of frosting on a piece of Candy Corn and place pointy side downwards to create the nose

8.  If you'd like to make these cookies into cookie pops, insert cake pop stick into the bottom of the bat face, but this is totally optional!

I hope you enjoy making these Batty Halloween Oreos as much as I did!  And eating them too!  They're a fun and easy sweet treat to bring to a Halloween party and make with children.  Get batty!  Happy Halloween!

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