Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Candy Corn Oreo Spider Cookies

We're halfway through October now, so we're halfway to Halloween!  I love seeing black and orange everything, pumpkins, and decorated houses.  It's so fun to get into the spirit!  Nothing gets me into the Halloween holiday spirit like making DIY candy projects!  Today, I decided to make Candy Corn Oreo Spider Cookies, and they turned out great!  I listened to some spooky jams and made my masterpieces, and now I'll share the step by step to how you can make them yourself.



Orange icing

Candy Corn


1.  With a large knife, slice Candy Corn into halves.

They will look like this when turned right side up:

2.  Twist the Oreos apart and eat the half with less cream.  You'll need two Oreo cookie halves with cream on them for each cookie, so the Candy Corn will stick.  Talk about double stuffed!

3.  Place halved pieces of Candy Corn on top of the Oreo cream filling, three on each side.

4.  Place an additional cream Oreo half on top to complete the cookie.

5.  Add two dots of orange icing to the top of the Oreo to make eyes.

Make as many as you'd like and share with your family, friends, or coworkers!  Don't worry, they don't bite, you'll just bite them!  These don't take long to make and are a perfect party snack that are super spooky and festive!  Now it's your turn to make them!  If you love Oreos and Candy Corn, these are the cookies for you.  Enjoy!!  

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