Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Pops

Gobble Gobble!  Who's ready for Thanksgiving!?  Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday to celebrate and give thanks for everything you've been blessed with in your life.  It's a day to stuff your face, say grace, and spend time with your loved ones.  You can also do some fun crafts while watching the parade, so why not make some Thanksgiving Turkey Pops?  Keep reading to find out how to make them!



Candy Corn


Chocolate coins

Vanilla Yogurt covered Raisins

Cake Pop Sticks

Food Coloring Pen


1.  Twist Oreo open into two halves

2.  Line up Candy Corn around the edges of the cookie to resemble feathers and insert the cake pop stick in the middle of the cream filling.  Put a few dabs of frosting in the center to secure the Candy Corn, cake pop stick, and the top of the Oreo.

3.  Place top half of the Oreo on top of the frosting and Candy Corns

4.  Unwrap chocolate coin and place a dab of frosting on the bottom of the coin, and stick it on top of the Oreo, near the bottom.

5.  Find circular shaped Yogurt covered Raisins for the eyes, and draw an eyeball and eyelashes in the center to resemble an eye.  Secure bottom of the raisin with frosting and stick on top of the chocolate coin.

6  Take one more piece of Candy Corn, put some frosting on the bottom of it and place the piece of Candy Corn narrow part facing down next to the eyes to resemble a beak.

Repeat steps 1-6 as many times as you'd like to create a whole swarm of turkeys!  Then voila, you're all set to gobble up this Thanksgiving Turkey Pop!

This candy craft takes just a few minutes to create and kids love joining in on the fun!

Gobble Gobble, Happy Thanksgiving!

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