Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sweet Valentine's Day treats

It's almost Valentine's Day!  Do you know what you're getting your sweetie?  No better way to tell them you love them by giving them candy.  Just in case you were wondering, I'd be thrilled with a box of candy on February 14!  As if it was a question! :)  Sugarfina sent me some yummy festive candy to try:

You're My Sweetheart - Cherry Sweethearts  
Pucker Up - Sugar lips
You Give Me Butterflies - Baby Butterflies

The Cherry Sweethearts will make your heart skip a beat when you eat one.  They are all chewy and succulent, and are very similar to flavored jelly beans.  These Sweethearts come in an array of cherry flavors.  A personal favorite was the dark cherry chocolate, because it was super rich, chocolatey with a luscious cherry flavor.  I also liked the speckled hearts because speckles add some pizzaz to anything and I honestly think it makes them taste even better!  If you are a chewy cherry (aka cerise in Spanish) lover, you'll love these!

Sugar lips will make your mouth so watery and luscious that you'll just want to pucker up and give your loved one a kiss!  As you know, I love sour candy so these were a fan favorite for me.  These lips are bubble gum, watermelon, and berry flavored.  All three of these flavors are the best candy flavors ever made, and will definitely make you smile.  They all were extremely sour and chewy.  Layers upon layers upon layers of sugar coat these lips and I'm not complaining about it.  They're so delicious!  The first few chews are very sour, then they get juicy, and then the bubble gum, watermelon, and berry flavors pop and your soul rejoices. 

Spread your wings like a butterfly oh oh oh oh spread your wings and fly butterfly.  Just like Mariah says, these Baby Butterflies will make your heart, stomach, and tastebuds flutter and want some more!  They're so chewy, juicy, and are bursting with flavor.  These butterflies come in grape, watermelon, tangerine, cherry, green apple, and raspberry flavors.  They all have a soft chew to them and are similar to fruit snacks.  The green apple was like a sour Jolly Rancher and eating the watermelon reminded me of a warm summer day.  The green apple, watermelon, and raspberry were my favorites.  All of the butterflies were full of flavor and were neon colored which made them even more fun to eat.  Think electric butterflies.

So get ready to smack those lips together, pucker up, and eat candy because Valentine's day is oh so soon!  Muah!


  1. those sugar lips kill me. so cute.

  2. I know, Kim! They're mouthwatering and so cute! :)