Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hot Chocolate Run 15k

First blog post of 2014!  That being said, note that my new motto is I only run for chocolate.  This week, I ran my first 15k and I did it all for the chocolate.  Previously, the longest I've ever ran was about 4 miles, and if you were unaware, a 15k is 9.3 miles.  I pushed myself to the limit and was able to build up my endurance to 9.3 miles and ran like the wind on race day, completed my goal, and got to eat chocolate.

My very good friend originally asked me to run this with her, and thought it'd be a great accomplishment for us both and would make the perfect blog post.  And now here I am, writing my blog post about my hot cocoa journey.  What drew me to the race obviously that it was called the Hot Chocolate Run.  There were only two options for lengths of the race, either a 5k or a 15k.  My friend and I decided to challenge ourselves and go for the 15k.  Although we were nervous, we did it!  

The day before the race, we got a few of our race goodies, including a black running jacket that says Hot Chocolate 5/15k run, our hot chocolate running bibs, and an adorable mug that says I only run for chocolate.  We made sure to eat a hearty dinner and get some good rest the night before.  

The morning of the race was so bitter cold outside, but after I started running, I of course warmed up.  I was so happy to be sporting my hot cocoa running bib and couldn't wait to receive my winnings afterwards.  During the race, all I could think about was finishing and getting my hot cocoa.  

To my surprise, after I crossed that finish line, I went straight to pick up my finisher's mug, which was so adorable!  It was a big brown mug that said America's Sweetest Race on one side and Hot Chocolate 5/15k on the other.  The best part was that the giant plastic mug was comprised of little sections, that included sweet treats in each spot, such as dipping chocolate!  It was a mini fondue kit, were the runners could dip their pretzels, banana, wafer, marshmallow, and Rice Krispie treat into the smooth and creamy melted chocolate.  And of course, in the center of it all was my own personal cup of hot cocoa.  I was so hungry after the race that I scarfed it all down as fast as I could and enjoyed every bite.  Not only did I complete 9.3 miles in the wee hours in the morning, I also was a finisher for America's Sweetest Race, and could not be more proud!  If you get the chance, definitely attend the Hot Chocolate Run!


  1. Michelle! Tell them to come to New Orleans! This is something I would definitely participate in. The incentives are so cute. You and your friend did well. Good for you, great post and welcome back to blogging my friend.

  2. It is so fun Kim! I hope you get to race in America's sweetest race one day! Who wouldn't want to run and get rewarded with fondue!? Thanks so much for your support and for reading! :)