Monday, January 20, 2014

Anti-Valentine's Day Candy

Hate Valentine's Day?  Just got over a bad break up?  Are you over love but you still have love for candy?  If so, you need to try the Love Bites Giftset from Sugarfina!  Even the biggest frown will be turned upside down once you see this adorable collection!  It's bound to cheer you up and make your taste buds happy, trust me!

This charming giftset comes in the cutest blue packaging and can definitely be a reused jewelry box or for other little trinkets!  When you open up the package, there's three nicely placed containers filled with candy!  These are bound to help you drown your sorrows and immediately make you okay with being single.

The first type of candy was the Stop Kissing Frogs green apple froggies.  These gummy toads had green apple on the top part of their bodies, with soft, white, marshmallowy & vanilla tummies on the bottom.  The tummy was super fluffy, smooth, and mushy.  The vanilla fluff mixed super well with the green apple top, which was harder and chewier than the fluff, but super juicy and filled with apple flavor.  This toad was a perfect combination of soft and chewy, making it a super delicious gummy!

Next were the Men are Pigs little pink pigggies.  They were baby pink, extremely jiggly, and light weight, hopefully nothing like your ex.  Soft and fluffy, with the perfect amount of chew, these pigs do not stick on your teeth, but rather, melt in your mouth.  The flavor was a combination of strawberry and vanilla, not too strong or overpowering, both tastes were just right.

Last but certainly not least were the Plenty of Fish in the Sea baby fishies.  These fish swam all the way over here from Sweden and are ready for your consumption!  There were four different types of flavors: Lemon-Lime, Lingonberry, Apple, and Orange.  They all were hard just like Swedish fish since they were extremely chewy, sticky and felt super stiff, unlike the jiggly pigs!  The Lemon-Lime was my favorite, since I love lemon everything.  Each bit of all of the flavors were filled with their flavored juice, whether that be berry, apple, lemon, or orange.  The apple had a sweet juice flavor and not sour, the lingonberry was surprisingly a tad spicy with a berry flavor, the lemon was lemony with a hint of lime, and the orange tasted just like biting into an orange fruit and was a bit citrusy.  

If I had to pick, the pigs and the frogs would tie for first.  I love the soft and fluffy gummy textures and the flavors were delicious.  The fish were also very enjoyable of course, and the lemon-lime fish definitely took first place.  I love gummies more than anything so all of these were top choices for me!  They're all juicy, delicious, and lovely and will bring a smile to any Anti-Valentine's day fans out there.  Make any Valentine's day hater into a Valentine's day lover by feeding them these sweet gummies and they'll love you forever!  Thanks for letting me review these tasty treats, Sugarfina!


  1. That's too cute Chelley! I love the analogies! HAHAHA I received your email and replied. Hope you got my responses.

  2. I know aren't they so clever!? Thanks for your email, I'll respond to it soon, Kim! :)