Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thin Mint Martini

Happy Thirsty Thursday!  You've all seen those Girl Scouts selling cookies these last few weeks, and if you are the unlucky individual that unfortunately did not have cash on you, we're bringing the Girl Scout to you this week by making Thin Mint Martinis!  You'll love this chocolate and minty creation because it's delicious and extremely fitting for St. Patrick's Day coming up this weekend!


2 oz. De Kuyper's Creme de Menthe
2 oz. White Creme de Cacao
2 oz. Half and Half
1/4 c. Chocolate Chips
Crushed Thin Mints
Junior Mints


Rim martini glass with crushed Thin Mints
Put chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl
Melt chocolate chips in the microwave and stir every 15-30 seconds until melted
Pour chocolate into a piping bag
Pipe chocolate in approximately 20 lines throughout martini glass, starting from the bottom of the glass and working your way up
Let chocolate harden for a few minutes
Mix all liquid ingredients into martini shaker filled with ice and shake, shake, shake
Pour into glass and garnish with Junior Mints on a toothpick

It's almost a spiked Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream melted in liquid form!  Show off the Irish in you by providing all of your friends with this amazing drink!  Thanks to Grin and Bake It for this amazing idea and mouthwatering photo.  Hope you all have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

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