Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daffodil Candy Cups

Spring has officially sprung!  Time to say goodbye to the snow, rain, and cold winter nights.  Please join me in welcoming Spring by making these sweet Daffodil Candy Cups!  Celebrate new life and sweet candy all at once.

This adorable idea was brought to us by Martha Stewart, and we all know how crafty and wonderful all of her ideas are.  This is the perfect afternoon craft and can be done by anyone and it takes just minutes to complete this precious sweet craft.  Your kids will love it!

What you need:
Colorful scrapbook paper (Michael's has tons to choose from)
Colorful baking cups
Jelly Beans

What you do with what you need:
*Cut paper into the shape of a Daffodil by using the photos for your guide.  It doesn't have to be perfect!  Make it any size you want.  

*Place a baking cup in the center of the flower and tape to the paper.  

*Sort Jelly Beans and place all of the orange and yellow beans to the side.  Group the appropriate colors together in their individual bowls.  Place a handful of orange jelly beans in a baking cup, and then do the same for the yellow.  

*Repeat until you've made as many flowers as you'd like!  

*Place all over the house to welcome Spring in the brightest and cutest way around!!

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