Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tabasco Flavored Chocolate

Who loves spicy food?  And who loves chocolate?  And who loves a little combination of both?  If you are like me and your answers are Yes, Yes, and Yes, keep on reading!  

There is such a thing out there as Tabasco Spicy Chocolate and you need to try this interesting combo!  To the human eye, this chocolate looks like traditional dark chocolate.  But the human taste buds know this is definitely not the case.  This chocolate does throw you for a loop though! 

Pop it in your mouth and it tastes like a delicious, decadent, crunchy chocolate morsel which gives you that warm feeling in your tummy upon consumption.  But keep chewing because looks are absolutely deceiving! 

By the 18th bite, the spicy kick appears and keeps getting hotter and hotter as you continue chewing.  When you finally swallow, your mouth is wide awake and spiced up!  The aftertaste lasts for a few moments after you are done.  It tastes as though you just added some actual Tabasco sauce on your scrambled eggs at the crack of dawn.  It is such a surprising experience that is definitely not expected.  

It's a fun adventure that you definitely need to try!  Fill your Easter basket with the gift of a spicy kick from Itsugar.  Order it here asap!

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