Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sour Cotton Candy

Picture yourself at a carnival.  What's the first treat that comes to mind?  I know you're thinking none other than the fluffy melt in your mouth goodness of Cotton Candy.  They usually come in pink and blue, but other colors are possible as well, even green and purple!  

Most cotton candy is sugary and sweet, but have you ever tried Tear Jerkers Sour Cotton Candy?  If you're a sour lover, you're in for a mouth puckering, tear jerking experience!

I just recently tried Sour Cotton Candy for the first time, when Philly Sweet Spot sent some my way.  As soon as I popped it in my mouth, my eyes started to water because the sourness was extremely intense!  I really did not think that the sour impact would be that great, but it truly was.  

Don't get my wrong, the Sour Watermelon and Sour Grape taste still was delicious, despite the tears.  No wonder why it is called Tear Jerkers!  I love sour anything, so of course I loved this extreme sour cotton candy.  Both kinds were filled with flavor and definitely melted in your mouth, as all cotton candy should.  

If you're ready for the extreme sour challenge, buy yourself a bag and make a bet with your friends.  The one who is able to escape the tears wins!  Thanks to The Sweet Spot in Philly for giving me such a mouth puckering experience!

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