Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chocolate Covered "Martini Olives"

Are you a fan of dry martinis?  If so, I'm proud of you, because they are way too strong for me to stomach.  The only part I like about them is the green olives because they add a little flavor to a bland taste (in my opinion!).  So for me, this treasured find was the perfect alternative. Introducing,  Chocolate covered martini olives.

They aren't actually olives, but look just like them!  They come in the cutest baby martini shaker and each "olive" was created to fulfill all of your sweet and salty needs.  It's an almond, covered in chocolate, the first layer of chocolate is dyed red and the outer layer of chocolate is dyed green.  There is even a red dot on the side to represent a pimento!

What a fun, creative, and unique creation!  They are crunchy and smooth and taste super scrumptious.  It's the perfect gift to give your girlfriends whether it be for a bachelorette, cocktail, or bunco party.  Thanks to Lola's Sugar Rush for bringing this delicious snack onto my radar screen.  I would strongly suggest you try them yourself.  So feel free to ditch the dry martini and just eat the chocolate covered martini olives instead!

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