Monday, May 13, 2013

Raspberry Jelly Pretzels

Ever taken a bite into a chewy pretzel? I hadn't either until just recently!  The sweeties over at Temptation Candy sent some Raspberry Jelly Pretzels my way to taste and review, and here's what I thought:

They look appetizing - I love pretzels and sour gummies, so mixed together, it's two of my favorite snacks.  Just note that this pretzel was covered with sugar, and not salt!  Anything that's in pretzel form is always a crowd pleaser.  

They are sweet, and not sour - When I first bit into the Raspberry Jelly Pretzel, I expected a sour taste because of all of the sugar on top, but this candy is definitely just sweet with no ounce of sour!  The juicy taste of Raspberry, which could also pass for Strawberry, was evident in every chewy bite.

They are addicting - You can't eat just one.  These sweet and chewy pretzels are perfect for an afternoon sugary snack.  Since they aren't super sour, you can keep eating them and your tastebuds will be thanking you that they aren't sore like they would be from eating a whole pack of sour candy.  There's no aftertaste when you eat these, and no aftertaste is a good thing!

All in all, I liked these sugary treats.  It's like a gum drop meets a pretzel.  Two totally different snacks that totally work well together when mixed!

Thanks Temptation Candy for sharing this sweet creation with The Sweetest Temptations!  They're super tempting!

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