Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chocolate Crema Eggs

Move over Cadbury Eggs, because this year, the Easter bunny will be delivering Chocolate Crema Eggs instead from Truffle Truffle!  And lucky for me, the Easter Bunny sent some of these eggs over for me to try before they end up in Easter baskets all over the world next week!  The package arrived in this cute, dainty box:

There were four different types of truffle eggs for me to divulge into.  The first was passion fruit covered in a milk chocolate shell.  As you can imagine, this egg was fruity, and super sweet.  I tend to like super sweet, fruity, and tart flavors so this was my second favorite.   

The next was raspberry flavored.  This eggshell was made out of dark chocolate but once you bit into it, you tasted burst of raspberry.  The flavor was strong and tart.  This egg is good for those who love sweet and fruity flavors.

Thirdly, I bit into the fresh mint.  Once I cracked open the dark chocolate shell, the spearmint and super minty flavor engulfed my taste buds.  It was like I was a girl scout again eating my thin mint cookies.  I'm a mint fan in general so I enjoyed this egg, and green is also my favorite color.  You can just look at the photo below and your mouth will water!

And last but not least, there was the triple chocolate.  This was my favorite!  It's rich and creamy milk chocolate egg shell mixed with the milk chocolate and cream inside, plus the shortbread taste and is what put the icing on top of the cake.  Any chocolate lover will love this!  It was sweet and included the perfect amount of chocolate.

Each egg had the perfect balance of smooth and crunchy.  There was a buttery shortbread crust at the bottom that resembled a graham cracker crust.  All in all, all four flavors were delicious and I'd eat them out of my Easter basket any day!  

Thanks to the Truffle Truffle Easter Bunny for letting me sample these right before Easter!  These are approved by The Sweetest Temptations and if you're lucky, they'll be arriving in your Easter baskets next week!

Happy Easter Everyone!  Enjoy your Chocolate Creama Eggs!

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