Friday, March 1, 2013

Candy Shamrocks

March is here! To me, March means green, and green means St. Patrick's Day! Green was always my favorite color growing up and a day based around the color green was always exciting for me.  If only I knew how to make Candy Shamrocks back then, like I do now, St. Patrick's Day celebrations would have been that much better!  On that note, let's make them together so your kids will not be missing out on this yummy treat!




Sprinkle some sugar onto the countertop 
Use your hand or spoon to flatten out the gum drops
Once flattened, use a heart shaped cookie cutter to create hearts
Then use a knife to make a stem
Use three heart shapes to create a shamrock and place the stem at the bottom

And voila! You've got yourself another easy and tasty treat!  These can be used as decoration on top of cupcakes, cakes, or cookies, or eaten by itself!  It only takes a few minutes to make and right away, you'll feel the Irish coming out of you while you enjoy these sugary shamrocks.

Happy month of Green!

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