Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vodka Gummy Bears

First of all, I know it's Thirsty Thursday and you are all excited, but what I'M excited about is that this is my 100th blog post!! That means 100 articles about 100 sweet temptations! It's a big milestone for me and I thank all of my fans for reading and molding The Sweetest Temptations into what it is today.

To celebrate this big milestone and Thirsty Thursday, we're making Drunken Gummy Bears! Forget about mixed drinks and buying all different chasers.  Our new motto this week is to Dunk and get Drunk

Just follow these easy steps:

Pour a bag of gummy bears in a bowl that you can seal tight
Pour vodka into the bowl and cover
Soak for 3-5 days
After these gummy bears are dunked, eat and get drunk!

Within the 3-5 day time period, you'll see these gummy bears grow up from baby to age 21 in no time.  Join them to celebrate their ability to legally drink at their ripe, mature, and wholesome age of 21.

Any party that features drunken gummy bears automatically goes down in history as the best party ever! Now go and throw a party. A drunken gummy bear party!

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