Friday, February 24, 2012

Over the Rainbow Cupcakes

Cupcakes are so yummy in all forms. Mini, regular, or giant sized, each bite is baked to perfection.  My favorite type of cake and cupcake is Funfetti.  You can read about my delicious obsession here, in cookie form!  No matter what flavor you like best, you can't go wrong when topping your cupcake off with a Rainbow!

How to make a Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cupcake

The Necessities:
Cupcake Fixings (Boxed of from scratch, your choice!)
Vanilla Frosting
Food Coloring
Rainbow Sour Belts
Piping Bag

The Instructions:
*Bake your favorite flavor of cupcake, whether it be red velvet, funfetti, chocolate, or vanilla.
*Let it cool.
*Choose your favorite color dye to add to vanilla frosting for some brightness.  Green would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day coming up!
*Set some of the plain vanilla frosting to the side.
*Frost the top of the cupcake with a knife.
*Cut Rainbow Sour Belts in thirds
*Using a piping bag, place plain vanilla frosting inside and squeeze out a small amount to create two "cloud like" bases to secure the rainbow 
*Bend Rainbow Sour Belts and place each end in the "clouds"

This is a fun and easy activity for kids.  The final product will of course taste delicious, especially with the Sour Belts on top!  All of your guests will smile as soon as they see these.



  1. Hi! Just wondering where you bought the rainbow sour belts?

  2. I'd suggest the local sweet factory at the mall or any candy shop! Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi! I am making these right now and my rainbow belts won't stay up! The lady at te sweet factory told me that they would hardern after staying out of the bag over night. Is that what you had to do? Please help! Making these for my girlfriends baby shower tomorrow afternoon

  4. Hi Sparkles! Sorry fo the delay! Try freezing them for about 30 minutes to 1 hour and that should work! Have fun at the shower! Send me a picture of the finished product @chelleycandy. :)