Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Cupcake in a Jar

It's that time of year again!  The holidays are over, 2012 has begun and January is nearing its end.  Now all of the sudden, love is in the air and all of the sweeties around the world are preparing for Valentine's Day.  What does one do to prep themselves for the mushiest holiday ever made?  Make dinner reservations, hand make a Valentine, burn a cd with all classic love songs, and of course, stock up on sweets.

Jill from Stay Calm Cupcake was super sweet and helped me prepare for the big day by letting me taste testing her Valentine's Cupcake Jars.  Awesome alternative to a regular cupcake huh? There's something about glass jars that brightens up everyone's day just by seeing one.  But when one of these glass jars is filled with cupcakes?  Fahhgetaboutit!  Deliciousness in a jar!  

These festive sweets come in Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors.  Each jar contains two cupcakes and tons of smooth and creamy pink buttercream frosting.  Dip your finger in some and it's definitely finger licking good!  Don't worry, it's not too thick like the frosting on the cupcakes at the supermarket, just the right amount. Be prepared though- your tongue will be extra pink for a bit after consumption.  Hey, it gets you even more in the spirit of Valentine's Day!  

The chocolate cupcake jar was extremely moist and filled with that decadent chocolatey flavor.  It is double chocolate fudge flavored after all. Yum!  The vanilla cupcake jar was also moist and had a delicious buttery taste to it.  Each cupcake jar was topped with pink frosting and a crunchy, decorative heart on top which was a very potent flavor. Pair these cupcakes with milk and you will be golden!

The clock of love is ticking, so make sure you order these cupcake jars now on Stay Calm Cupcake's Etsy page and surprise your loved one!  Perfect to bring to a party with the girlfriends, or that scrumptious dessert after your Valentine's Day dinner.  Anyone who is a special someone in your life will be delighted when you portray your love for them with this super sweet and delicious idea!

Thanks to Jill for the lovely treat!

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