Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gummy Pizzas & Gummy Burgers

Having a craving for Pizza and Burgers tonight?  Why not have a Gummy dinner party featuring Gummy Pizzas and Gummy Burgers!  

Strike up the grill...

Preheat the oven....

And let's get this Gummy Dinner party started!

The Gummi Pizza has 5 slices of mouth watering gummy goodness!  It is the cutest mini pizza you have ever seen.  It has cheese, sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes as toppings.  Each pizza is individually wrapped in its own cardboard box! 

 It is chewy, fluffy, smells fruity, and of course tastes fruity!  To me, its mildly sweet taste resembles a fruit snack.  As a pizza lover, I loved this candy, the idea of it is just genius!  I just had to pose with a slice :)

The Gummi Burger has a different taste than the Gummi Pizza, mainly because it is sour!  Although not too sour.  

It tasted like the yellow and green piece was the most sour, the red and brown piece was the second most sour, and the top bun was the least sour.  The yellow and brown piece tasted a lot like a sour gummy worm.  The consistency wasn't as fluffy as the Gummi Pizza, it was definitely more chewy and less porous.  

Let me just mention that it should be called the Gummi Veggie Burger, because there is no brown patty on it!  There are the two brown buns, lettuce, yellow cheese/mustard, and red ketchup.  

Don't get me wrong, I prefer Veggie Burgers, that's why I loved this snack.  And you can eat it all at once or in pieces if you are one to pick apart your food!  

Our friends over at Candy Direct were kind enough to make this Gummy Dinner Party possible.  The Gummi Pizza and Gummi Burgers are super colorful and cute.  

Kids will finally get the chance to play with their food for once, without getting in trouble!  Even adults will love this fun idea, just look at the products and a smile will appear.  These are perfect for birthday parties, family fun nights, or any occasion!

Although I am a pizza lover, for my final decision, I'd have to go with the Gummi Burger because I'll choose sour over sweet any day

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