Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

We all know how delicious  Chocolate Covered Pretzels are.  But when you add Caramel to the mix and get Chocolate Caramel Pretzels, the taste is purely Heaven!  

My friends at White Mountain Candy were sweet enough to send me some of these delicious treats to taste for myself.  I have never tried a Chocolate Caramel pretzel prior to this, but I have always loved Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

When popping this yummy treat into my mouth, my tastebuds immediately rejoiced.  The smooth caramel, decadent chocolate, and crunchiness of the pretzel was just such a wonderful combination.  It mixes the salty with the sweet to equal complete satisfaction!  

White Mountain makes sure to fill each and every pretzel hole with creamy caramel, then dip it all in chocolate to create such perfection.  And don't forget the white chocolate drizzle on top!  Can you say YUM?

To compare it to candy you may be familiar with, I'd say Twix and Take 5's were the closest comparisons to this sweet treat.  Both of these candy bars have chocolate, caramel, and crunchiness.  The Take 5 actually has pretzels inside of it.

If you are a chocolate lover, you need to try these, they are just divine! Thank you White Mountain!

Chocolate/Caramel/pretzel photo courtesy of &


  1. looks so delicious
    thanks a lot

  2. I know right!? Can you say Y U M!?! Thanks for reading :)

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  4. Hi Ashely, I don't have a secret recipe, but you can order them from White Mountain candy! :) Thanks for reading!