Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gummy Shot Glasses

Hold your horses, it's not quite Thirsty Thursday, but remember, we are only one day away!  To help you prepare for tomorrow, get your own Gummy Shot Glasses

These are 100% edible, 100% Made in USA, 100% scrumptious, 100% the coolest shot glasses ever!

Vat 19 created this delicious six pack of shot glasses.  Flavors include Blue Raspberry, Orange, Red Cherry, Lemon, Lime and Cola.  These shot glasses are resusable so you can use them all night long before you chew up the glass, Willy Wonka style!  Also, when you are partying with these Gummy Shot Glasses, there is no need for a chaser because it can be consumed right after you take the shot!

Plus, they are totally kid friendly too.  Use them at a birthday party and fill with juice or the children's favorite drink.  There is no alcohol inside the shot glass unless you put it in there.  

So go on, make a toast, watch this awesome youtube video, and let's all cheers the Gummy Shot Glasses together! 

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  1. They look like candle hold but these type of shot glasses are popular to serve in parties and events. And it also change flavor of the wine once you use this shot glass.

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  2. Thanks for reading, they are perfect for parties! Cheers!