Monday, July 11, 2011

Candy Bling Rings

Eating candy is awesome.  Wearing candy on your finger is even more awesome.  It's such a unique way to dress up any outfit and get tons of compliments.  So, if you like candy, slip a ring on that finger!
Check these out.  Papabubble is a candy workshop in NYC where hard candy is stretched into amazing and fun shapes, and ready to enjoy.  The candies are extremely colorful and filled with sugar.  They come in a variety of different flavors including strawberry and cinnamon.  The rings start at $25, but if you are a candy lover, you need to get it just to say you tried it.  Theses bling rings were even featured in InStyle Magazine as a perfect stocking stuffer idea.  Sweet, huh!? 

Speaking of Papabubble, they also carry these fun, edible heart rings, which are perfect for any sweethearts out there!  It's 3 inches of deliciousness, and is so cute!  Did I mention, they are completely edible?! Start a new trend by buying this bling, available for $14.

Trolli sells Gummi Bear Rings.  Look how cute they are!  Definitely a fun choice for kids and kids at heart.  Anyone can enjoy wearing them and eating the gummy bear on top!  You'll be blinging when wearing these rings!  They come in cherry, apple, lemon, orange, and strawberry flavors.  Each ring is blasted with flavor, so definitely eat your candy in style by wearing it on your finger!

Forget regular old Ring Pops, and bling out your fingers with these fun and unique rings!

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