Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Giving up Sweets for Lent

Happy Ash Wednesday!  Today is the first of 40 days of Lent.  If you are one of the many people who are giving up sweets for Lent, just know that you are not alone.  Even if you have the biggest sweet tooth around, doing this could be a good way to appreciate the things you love even more after Easter arrives.

Here are some important pieces of information to keep in mind during the Lenten Season:

1.  You are doing it for a good cause....Jesus

2.  It's only 40 days, it's not like it's the rest of  your life.

3.  You can take the time you used to devote to eating sweets to explore other areas of interest such as expanding your pallet by eating different cuisines or taking up a new hobby.

4.  Many other people will be doing the same thing as you, so find someone to be your non-sweet buddy and root each other on for the next 40 days.

5.  Don't tempt yourself by going into the candy aisle in the store.

6.  Make sure you set your boundaries straight, so your brain has a clear understanding of what is allowed and what's not allowed.

7.  Buy Sugarless gum

8.  You can still enjoy Thirsty Thursday Candy Cocktails because it's not exactly considered "a sweet"

9.  Give all the current sweets in your pantry to your neighbor who is not participating, so they are out of sight.

10.  Think about your goal, and how great it will feel on Easter Morning to stuff your face with Peeps and Jelly Beans, and how it was all worth it, and you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Good Luck and Happy Ash Wednesday.  Go get your Ash on!

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