Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Candy

St. Patrick's day is right around the corner!  March 17th is the one day of the year that EVERYONE is Irish!  I know you all know the basics about this holiday:

1.  Wear green
2.  Drink Irish Car bombs/ Green Beer
3.  Put green dye in everything you consume

But...what you probably don't know is how to decorate your house with candy for this festive occasion.  Here are 3 important tips to keep in mind to ensure the day(or week) is celebrated sweetly and in style.

First off, THINK GREEN.  In this case, the flavors of the day will most likely be Green Apple and Watermelon.  Go out and buy:
~Green Jelly Beans
~Green Apple/Watermelon Blow-pops
~Green Apple/Watermelon Sour Belts
~Green Rock Candy
~Green Gummy Frogs
~Green M&Ms
~Green Pop Rocks

Secondly, THINK RAINBOW.  Pick up some:
~Sour Patch Kids

Lastly, THINK GOLD.  Add these to your list:
~Chocolate Gold Coins
Once the Green, Rainbow, and Gold colored candy have been purchased, find a little pot to put the gold coins and Rolos in.  From there, start decorating with the Rainbow colored candy, lining up candy in the shape of a rainbow, coming out from the pot of gold.  Spread the rest of the green candy underneath the pot to create a grassy knoll of green candy, use the picture below as a guide.  Feel free to get creative and buy a styrofoam ball to stick the Green Rock Candy out of and glue on other pieces of candy as a center piece.  You could also just sort the Green, Rainbow, and Gold candy in three separate dishes and represent all the colors of St. Patty's Day.

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