Saturday, July 20, 2013

National Lollipop Day

July 20th is National Lollipop Day!  What's your favorite? Circle, square, big, or small?  I'd have to say mine are the big Whirly Pops.  They are so colorful, huge, fun to look at, and eat!

What are you doing to celebrate?  Why not head over to See's Candy for a free lollipop in honor of today!  All stores nationwide are giving them out.  

I'm trying to think of how many lollipops I've had in my life and have no idea where to start to count.  I'd say definitely a few hundred!  Although they are not my most favorite candy of all time, watermelon, classic lemon, and cotton candy are absolutely enjoyable!  

Remember how cool it was to get a free lollipop at the bank?  It actually still is cool!  In honor of today, I've included my 5 favorite photos of me posing with the lollies, and coincidentally, all in Vegas!  Sugar Factory and Lick! Time to celebrate in style!

Happy National Lollipop Day!!



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